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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> this is abc7 news. >> in the news this sunday morning, praying to god that a firefighter might live. we will tell you about the vigil today in san jose n oakland people are not asking for change, they are demanding, it even as several more residents are gunned down on the streets of that city. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. carolyn tyler has the day off. let's start with a quick first look at the weather on the middle of this labor day weekend. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> yes. it's going to get even warmer, if you like that. so we could say even better. we looking at emeryville. plenty of fog in the fourth bay where temperatures have dropped into the mid-40s. if you are planning out the rest of your day, starting out with a lot of clouds. visibility down to a quarter
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meal. but by noontime we will see warmer temperatures and more sunshine with numbers in the mid-60s in the inland valleys and take a look where we warm up inland, near 80 around the bay and 90 inland, staying the 60s at the coast. the sea breeze is backing off and the marine layer is quite compressed. be careful if you are traveling this morning, especially in the north bay. terry. >> thanks very much. this morning we begin with a special prayer vinal i will for a vittcally injured san jose firefighter. it will be heliat 4:00 this morning. this is in honor of 41-year-old veteran firefighter frank ryan who remains in intensive care. he collapsed while battling the fire at state patrick's cathedral. we have an update from the hospital. more than 200 st. pat tricks cathedral parishioners crowded the gymnasium at the school to say mass.
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they have to worship here because the fire broke out and heavily damaged their church on east santa clara street on thursday. this is also where 41-year-old frank ryan collapsed due to a heart attack after coming out of a flaming building to replenish his oxygen bottles. >> everything we are getting so far is definitely in a positive direction. we are very happy. >> captain indicot and other members of the truck where ryan was assigned were invited to attend the mass today. prayers were offered for ryan's recovery. parishioners are happy to pray for someone who tried to save their church. >> firefighters, if it wasn't for them, the church wouldn't be there. and they need to get everything that they deserve. >> ryan was one of about 60 firefighters who worked to put out the three alarm fire. people were evacuated as the fire raced through the budding creating thick smoke and high temperatures. a dangerous mix for
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firefighters. >> a lot of fire, a lot of heat in nevada there. those are some of the worst condition we've seen in a long time. >> ryan's family and fellow firefighters have been by his said science he was brought in. they issued a statement saying frank is progressing in a positive way. we are taking it one day at a time different the circumstances surrounding his condition. >> he is going to survive. he has to. he has to. he just has to. >> frank ryan has a lot of well-wishers. the fire at the church is still under investigation and church members we spoke to said they don't any when they will be able to worship inside the cathedral again. abc7 news. a major wildfire in mendocino county has burned two more homes but firefighters are making progress. the north pacifier located northeast of the the town of cavello has burned nearly 41,000 acres.
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this is youtube video of that fire. it's now destroyed a total of 7 homes and threatening 21 months. this morning it's 58% contained. 1600 firefighters on the scene and the cost of fighting this fire has topped $20 million. this morning police are investigating a deadly shooting in north oakland. investigators say a man was shot to death just before 9:30 last night at 53rd street near martin luther king boulevard. it's about one block north of oakland children's hospital. there's no word of an arrest or a motive in the shooting. also in oakland growing concern after two more craigslist robbery. one was robbed at gunpoint friday night and the other incident happened yesterday morning near 62nd and outlook avenues. this follows at least two other craigslist robberies in oakland in the past month. police say you should always insist in meeting in a high traffic public location when buying or selling on craigslist. with that crime as a backdrop, oakland residents are stepping out to show their frustration
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over recent street violence that has been playing their neighbors. they marched yesterday. pass stores from several oakland churches led about 100 marchers in a unified showing of force calling for peace. in friday night there were three incidents the. last weekend ten people were shot, including three children. >> we are saying we are stepping out of the doors. we want them to say what do you need us to do so we can do that and make it happen. >> i've been reaching out over the summer to churches, asking them to join and adopt some of the young people in the programs we are starting next month. >> these activists are past the phone for changing for change, they are demanding it. holding city leaders accountable for making specific improvements for helping young people to break the cycle of violence. this morning work continues on the dumbarton bridge. closed for the weekend for a major seismic fit.
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caltran said so far the bridge is on schedule and the bridge is scheduled to open by 5:00 a.m. tuesday just in time for rush hours. crews are working around the clock. they are replacing the expansion joint on the eastern side of the bridge across all six lanes of traffic. >> this area of bridge has been jacked up by more than 5 inches. that's in preparation for work over the next few months. >> the upgrades are expected to protect the dumbarton bridge from earthquakes. the entire $153 million project is expected to wrap up early next year. in san francisco, fremont street between howard ask mission also closed until tuesday. crews are excavating the new underline rail area and they are also installing a bridge to keep traffic moving while they dig. a ways map can navigate you around all the detours all weekend lone. you can find it on google play, at the app store or on
5:07 am health officials have put out an advisory this weekend of a two students were diagnosed with chicken pox. we have more. [no sound] >> we are going to get back to that story later in this newscast. right now bay area veteran control agencies plan to spray parts of three local communities where mosquitoes have tested positive for west nile virus. they will be fogging sections of mountain view. and contra costa county will spray the community of nitsen. it will again at 11 and last to 7. state approved pesticide will be used to rid those areas of mosquitoes that can vary the virus. information packets about the fogging will be distributed to residents in the treatment
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areas, and that's going to take place today. coming up next, it's not over yet in louisiana. the new evacuation orders issued because of severe flooding. and three people are injured when a monster truck flies into the stands. we will show you.
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this is the plan that revolves around you. introducing share everything.
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unlimited talk. unlimited text. tap into a single pool of shareable data and add up to 10 different devices, including smartphones and tablets. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. >> getting back to that story we mentioned earlier. health officials at the university have put out an advisory of a two students were diagnosed with chicken pox. we have more. >> for students, the word is out about chicken pox on campus. >> i got an e-mail and it just said there were two cases, i think, that came out and my roommate yelled from the other room, did you get the e-mail? >> for health officials, these cases are unexpected. >> i think it's very unusual. we were very surprised to get
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two cases which appear to have arisen in two separate california counties. >> both students were diagnosed at san francisco state university this week. one student lives in almeda county, the other in eldorado county. they are unrelated and were infected before coming to campus. >> with two cases of chicken pox on campus, health officials' biggest concerns are for people who might have immune deficiencies or for people who are pregnant. >> on chemotherapy or tie-dose steroids. those people have been made aware there have been these cases. >> for many students chicken pox is an illness they either had as a child or have already been immune niced against. >> the rash is what is absolutely typical of chicken pox. you get little red bumps that rapidly turn into thin-wold blisters and then those blisters burst. >> vaccinations will be on
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campus next week for those students interested. >> have you had chicken pox? >> i haven't. >> i have never had about before or been vaccinated. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. recent deadly attacks by afghan soldiers on afghan police and coalition troops have brought u.s. training of afghan stewart forces to a halt. a string of attacks against american troops and their own soldiers are bringing about new procedures for screening new recruits. the u.s. special forces in afghanistan said the training will stand down for a month or two, allowing existing recruits to be re-evaluated to weed out any insurgents. last month a marine captain with deep family ties to the bay area was killed by an ambush by a security member of the afghan security forces in training. matt was on his fourth tour of duty when he was shot by an afghan place officer he was training. the decision affected about 1,000 current trainees. >>. in louisiana an evacuation
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order remains in effect after hurricane isaac. it's happening in a rural area near slidell. area waterways are swollen because of the heavy rains from the hurricane. they said the gulf coast could take a long time to get back to normal. >> even as a ghost of it's former self, hurricane isaac is haunting the gulf coast. >> we are cleaning up branches and waiting for the power to come back on basically. >> this is more than an inconvenience it continues ton dangerous to everybody. >> hundreds of thousands are without electricity in the sweltering summer. >> i have a generator, which is better, but it's still miserable. >> now we need the things that are not going to spoil in the refrigerator. >> you can eat in this restaurant, but it might be by candlelight. >> we don't have any power since tuesday night. we kept the meet fresh and we
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have a smoker we bought so the meat is good. >> thousands are stranded in shelters, wondering when they will see their homes again. >> we evacuated monday and it's been hard on us. >> one day at a team. take it like that. that's it. >> for others home is a memory. >> i don't want to go there because there's nothing to go back to. >> isaac shutdown gulf coast refineries and accelerating the spike in gas prices, just in time to make you pay harder for the labor day drive. the refineries should be back in business next week. and in louisiana, this scene after the flooded earth unveiled caskets in a graveyard. here many residents will be spending the weekend manning sandbags. richard. abc news. >> in oregon officials are investigating the crash of a monster truck into the viewing
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stands yesterday during an event called monster air 2012. take a look. a fan caught part of it on video during a drag race. the truck driver lost control, bounced over a barricade, into spectators. three people are hospitalized but they are expected to survive. the truck driver was not injured. this morning in florida an animal rescue team is trying to save five young pilot whales that beached themselves yesterday morning. 22 whales washed ashore in a southern state park. the surviving whales have been transported to florida atlantic university for testing and treatment. officials say they don't yet know why the pod became stranded. back at home the celebration for petaluma's little league all-star team continues this afternoon with a beg parade through town. friday night the boys were honored at the coliseum. the petaluma national team made a name for themes throughout the world of the little league world series and ended up taking third overall, like third this the world.
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today's parade starts at 1:00 p.m., 4th and d streets in petaluma. the members will ride in pot rods and cars and wind up at the park for a free hot dog barbecue. lisa, they would like sunshine and warm temperatures. can you help them out? >> you know what, the north bay this morning very foggy out there. >> it was misting on the way in. it was very, very thick. >> kind of an isolated thing in the valleys of the north bay. not only the fog but we have cool, cool temperatures into the mid-40s. upper 40s near petaluma with the fog. but it will warm throughout the day. and also the cal bears play their first game in the renovated $331 million stadium an ÷@÷÷
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>> 5:19 on this sunday morning, labor day weekend. moments ago lisa argen was talking about thousand thick it was up in the north bay in places, and there's one of those places, the golden gate bridge. the fog is thick out there right now, as you can see. and there's not too many people out right now. that people right there is probably happy not too many people are out because it's hard to see. we were verifying what you were saying a moment ago, not that we doubted you. >> visibility down to a quarter mile and the fog into the east bay and concord this morning.
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we have clear sky in san jose. a variety of condition all due to the compressed marine layer. we head outside. emeryville, a little gray out there. we will be looking at the fog until it lifts but it is going to lift sooner. we will enjoy a warmer day. 6:41 the official sunrise. 7:37 it sets. we are looking at not only cool temperatures, the fog has made its way south into monterey. so as we look at a live doppler 7 hd right now, well, you will notice that the low clouds and fog hugging the shoreline. so with that compressed marine layer we are looking at some problems as you are navigating from, say, sonoma county southward. i mentioned also in concord this morning. it's clear out by fairfield. but we will be looking at this marine layer getting smaller and smaller, allowing for more sunshine today. so right now 52 in the city. take a look, though, up north. 45 santa rosa with 54 in the clear skies in the south. 55 in mountain view. so for a short time we will be
5:21 am
looking at the fog as it continues to press on into some of our valleys this morning. so definitely be careful out there. yesterday it was 3,000 feet. the marine layer. now this morning compressed down to about 1,000. with the clear sky and the cool air draining into the valleys, we are looking at temperatures as much as 8 degrees cooler this morning. santa rosa, 5 december cooler by the delta. and with six degrees cooler near los gatos, it feels like a chillier morning with the high relative humidity. but after that fog lifts, say, 7:00, 8:00, we will see turn any, mild conditions along the coast and warmer not only today inland, but even warmer for labor day. so with of we will warm up the numbers today all around the bay. still, though, the 60s will be hanging to the coast, but we will look for more sunshine today. so in terms of our water vapor imagery, we had an area of low pressure that allowed for the strong on shore push yesterday. this is beginning to weaken and slide to the east of us. as it does, high pressure
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building up from the south. southern california, that will allow for the system to finally kick on out of here. a as it does, yes, our wind shifts. so we will be looking at less of that on shore push. tonight in the way of patchy low clouds and fog, that will allow for even a quicker burn off into labor day, your holiday. so warmer days, especially inland today and then into the holidays. so you have that to enjoy. across the state we are looking at numbers? the 70s in the sierra nevada, 91 in yosemite with the fog along the coast. 80 in san diego. really warming up into southern california. milbrae art and wine festival today. a little warmer than yesterday. upper 60s, a lot of sunshine. starting out with the low clouds, the fog. and in the 50s to start off in sausalito. some of the dense fog but by times things get going there, a nice afternoon. a also breeze and numbers in the mid-60s. elsewhere highs ranging from mid-70s in milpitas today with
5:23 am
the low 80s finally returning in the south bay. and san francisco, upper 60s today. a bit of a warmup. petaluma, we've been talking about it, near 80 today. 72 oakland so you are warmer. and look at these numbers, feel like summer, a nice holiday, middle of the holiday weekend for you with 90s on the horizon tomorrow. 74 in salinas. as we look ahead you will notice that the numbers stay warm and then we are dropping off a little bit but not too much by the middle of the week. >> look like it's going to be nice for the big greek festival at the which goes on at the peninsula i believe in saint carlos. >> great. >> thanks, lisa. in sports matt cain starts for the giants against the cubs, wrapping up their six game road trip. yesterday the cal bears had a disappoint home opener against nevada not newly renovated memorial stadium. here's mike shumann with the highlights of this morning's sports. good morning. well, the cal bears bench
5:24 am
quarterback zach maynard made it for the first quarter for missing a tutorial session over the summer. it definitely threw off his timing and the fans were greeted at the stadium with a loss to nevada. maynard was replaced by bristol in his first game of the season. cal found themselves down 1-0. maynard came back and threw 37 yards. 14-7. third quarter, down 14. the reverse to allen. you want to see a textbook block, check it out. not a bad run also. goes 39 yards for the touchdown, 21-14, nevada. and cal fought back. 36 seconds left, jefferson with his third td. and the last chance. maynard to chris harper. the fumble and they have pest with the upset, 31-24, the final. we asked maynard if it affected his timing in the contest. >> i would say anytime you come into a game, you are a little cold, not expecting when you
5:25 am
don't come into the dame exactly, it affected my rhythm. if i would have started the first quarter i thought the game would have been a little different. but they did a great job starting the game for us and came in and do what i could to. >> how about the oakland a's? they are creeping up on the american league west, leading the rangers with another win last night against boston. and like i said, the a's bats are on fire. coco crisp leading off the game with a solo home run. his tenth of the year. 1-0, a's and the fans doing the bernie. pitcher aj griffin fresh off the dl. he was able to finish his night. 7 innings. 1 run on 5cs. and another solo shot. his 13th. a's win their eighth in a row. and cubs are now only three back of the rangers in the american league west. and broadcaster harry kerry staring at you at where i cannily field. first at-bat with the giants.
5:26 am
bases loaded, 3 rbi triple. 4-0 giants in the first. tim lincecum picked up his eighth win of the zone. 6 one-third innings. and giants win 50-2 to even the series at a game apiece and stay 4 1/2 up on the dodgers who beat arizona last night 2-1. let's go to the u.s. open. serena williams easily handled her russian opponent. she defeated williams back in january but yesterday serena won. and when she served, that's her short rally. and again goes long. serena chance advances. rodger federer and marty and fish also advance. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again at five. have a great day. coming up, the race for the white house. the candidates hit the battleground states. we will have the latest from the campaign trail. and an east bay elementary school that was vandalized
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>> topping our news this half-hour the november election just ten weeks away. yesterday mitt romney and paul ryan campaigned separately in ohio before sharing the stage back in florida. and president obama began a three-day tour with two stops in iowa. abc news reporter chuck severson has the latest on the race to
5:30 am
the white house. just days before the democratic convention, president obama launched a road to charlotte tour in battleground iowa, trying to recapture the wave of enthusiasm he rode four years ago. he's trying to convince voters not to let republicans put the country in reverse. stay the course instead. >> we've got a lot more work to do. we've got more doors of opportunity to open to every single american who is willing to work hard and work through them. we've come too far to turn back now! >> it could be a tough sell with the unemployment rate at 8.3% and fierce the ailing economy will relapse into a recession. gop presidential nominee mitt romney told supporters in ohio mr. obama dropped the ball and it's time to change the game plan. >> he was going to create more jobs, and today 23 million people are out of work or have stopped look for work or are underemployed. let me tell you, if you have a coach that's 0 and 23 million,
5:31 am
you say it's time to get a new coach. >> romney's running mate took the past and ran with it. he took his alma mater, miami of ohio, to rally. but the team was back together in florida. >> this moment requires leadership. this moment requires people of principle. this moment requires action, not blaming. mitt romney is the man for this moment. [applause] >> romney will be in vermont preparing for the debates while president obama will be in north carolina to accept his party's nomination for a second term. chuck southeast son, abc news, new york. >> abc7 news political reporter mark matthews will be live this week from the democratic national convention in charlotte. you can get instant updates from mark all week long by following him on his face book page. he is also tweeting @abc7.
5:32 am
the president is campaigning in key battleground states this week as he heads for charlotte for the democratic convention. what can the president do to take the spotlight back from the republican convention? don't miss this week with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 on abc7. one of the great songwriters of the 60s and 70s has died. ♪ raindrops are falling on my head ♪ ♪ and that's why i have -- >> hal david along with burt bacharach wrote "raindrops keep falling on my head" along with other huge hits. he died yesterday from complications of a stroke. he was no one for songs like "do you know the way to san jose" and "say a little prayer." he was the 1 -- he was 91 years old. a school is reopening just in time for the new school year. johnathan bloom explains the cream itself remains unsolved.
5:33 am
>> contractors are putting the finishing touches on the elementary school's new building, again. they showed us all the work that's been done since last february when vandals broke in and ruined the building days before it was broken. shattered glass everywhere, pipes broken. >> all these windows were destroyed, all. >> ramsey said the repairs cost $1 million and the vandals are still on the group. >> it's clear this wasn't a group of teenagers who did that. it was somebody who had a vendetta, somebody who was on a mission and somebody who had an ax to grind against the contractor or against the school district. >> teachers say they are not just excited about the new space but the learning opportunities that come with it. >> we have one of the more updated libraries in the district, we have all new books
5:34 am
in the library. >> and she's excited about the computer labs with pcs for up to 34 kids who might not have computers at home. >> there's such a verbual divide in communities like this. we want to make sure our students have access to computers, that they have access to all the most updated technology. >> including technology for the arts. >> the kids love doing plays. they love to create characters. >> and the teacher said the auditorium was supposed to be used for last year's graduation but it was too badly torn up. >> it impacted the children. the students were very disappointed, they were very upset. >> with the crime still unsolved, they are aren't alone. >> we are still very, very upset. we want to see somebody brought to justice. and we want somebody to turn this person in. >> in richmond, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> tens of thousands of art and wine lovers are expected in milbrae again today for the bay area's biggest labor day weekend event. ♪. >> it's the 42nd annual
5:35 am
milbrae art and wine festival, considered by some to be the last blast of the summer. music is part of the fun, as we heard. nine bands performing there. 250 artists and craft makers displaying their skills. event also includes a classic car show and a microbrew tasting tent. >> a great place to come and do some of your christmas shopping or special birthday or anniversary gift. you can find something very unusual and unique here. the event wraps up today. it goes from ten in the morning until five in the evening. and coming up next, apple gets into the buy back business. what you need to know before you get rid of your old i-phone. and right now let's take a live look outside from our emeryville camera. no, let's take a look from our rooftop camera. looking at the embarcadero. a fair amount of cars out there there morning, considering it's 5:30 on a sunday morning. where are they all going? they might be going to sausalito, maybe milbrae. we are going to ask a lot of
5:36 am
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>> 5:38, sunday morning, looking out from our emeryville camera back toward san francisco and the bay bridge. the fog is not as thick there by any stretch of the imagination as it is over in parts of marin county. i can tell that you for a fact. fairly wide open there. but overcast, nonetheless.
5:39 am
but lisa is talking about a warming trend and she will have the details and the numbers for you coming up in just a couple minutes. a new apple recycling program has quietly appeared on their web store offering to buy up old iphones for credit. reporter leslie brinkley looks at what they are rolling out and why. $345 worth of apple score credit for a-year-old i-phone? yep. there was always a trade-in deal to be had, even craigslist. but now you can swap your old i-phone or mack or ipad into apple directly and get an apple credit. >> it's common for third parties. you see kiosks and malls that do that. but i haven't seen it from apple. apple is just trying to get people to buy the new phone and setting them up for that. >> the announcement is widely anticipated on september 12th with the iphones getting shipped by the 21st. this new recycle program has
5:40 am
iphones users answering questions online about their iphone and whether it has a cracked screen or moderate scuff and an estimate of a trade in credit is immediately generated. and you can't turn the phones in at the store. you have to ship them in. and if you all exaggerate when had great condition your phone is when it actually dropped in a lake, you might get a lot less than promised online. most devoted apple fans a seem intrigued by the offer and they kind of understand why. >> they are so many third party providers it's likely apple wants to take part in that as well. it's a good incentive to turn your phones in actually back to apple and it's something i would be more inclined to do with an old phone. >> keep people like me from lagging behind. i'm perfectly happy but i guess they want people to ramp up to their newet and better things. >> in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. a lawsuit over russian river water in sonoma county has local water agencies studying the
5:41 am
impact of low river levels. the report reports officials are particularly concerned about a sandbar that builds up near genre. they are worried it to breach and cause flooding. environmental group wants it to flow through to the ocean even in low years to give salmon spawning upstream. lisa is here now. a warming trend you are talking about? >> yeah, the sun took its time coming out yesterday. this morning the marine layer much more compressed. dense fog in the north bay. take a look. golden gate bridge. >> getting worse. >> the visibility is down to a quarter mile well up into napa. fog is into the east bay valleys and the south bay. i'll tell what you it means coming up. >> also next, a sleepwalker who does stand-up comedy. abc7 news arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez tells us if sleepwalk with me is a snoozer. and seven on your side's michael
5:42 am
finney about the con artists who are trying to
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>> the time is right around a quarter to six on this sunday morning. we are looking out from our camera out there at the east shore freeway. you see a lot of cars coming this way. not so many leaving town. looking out at the city of berkeley. we have some overcast skies. we have warming temperatures and clearing skies on the way. if you like it warmer, lisa argen has some good news for you
5:45 am
coming up in a moment. many americans are looking for jobs right now, but watch out. con artists are trying to take advantage. one elderly bay area man was about to be swindle out of hundreds of dollars. 7 on your side's michael finney stops them in their tracks. thank god for you guys because i was ready to support him and go out the door. >> dee dee was telling us how she and her dear friend, peter, came within minutes for falling for a costly scam. >> we are really exposed to rip offs left and right. >> it began when 81-year-old peter received an e-mail offering a job as a secret shopper. he would get paid to visit stores and secretly rate their service. peter jumped at the chance. >> i'm retired, and it would be kind of extra money. i think i can converse with people pretty good without letting them know i was being a spy. >> later he received this letter with a check made out to peter for an impressive amount of
5:46 am
money. >> i was astonished, $1,940. that's a lot of money. >> i was willing to support peter and go into these stores and doing the transactions. >> the letter instructed peter to go on line, type in a job code and get his assignment. it said he should deposit that check, then wire $760 to someone in greece. and $680 to someone in spain. peter could keep the rest of the money for himself. his job was to rate the two money wiring companies. >> i was ready yesterday to go to the bank and take the money out of my bank. >> peter deposited the check. the money appeared to be in his account. peter and dee dee were about to walk out the door and wire the money as directed. luckily dee dee had doubts. >> you have given them money and now you want it right out of the country? it doesn't add up. >> so before leaving the house, dee dee called 7 on your side, and we slammed the brakes on
5:47 am
this hoax. >> 7 on your side said, hey, wait a minute, anything like that, if it's money out of the country, if it's this and that, thank god for you guys. >> we told the couple this is an old scam. the check is a fake. and if peter wired money, it would be his own and it would be lost forever. sure enough, a week later peter's bank notified him the bogus check came back unpaid. the $1,900 was never there. thankfully all they lost was a little pride and a little time. >> if you are ever in doubt, give a shout to 7 on your side. >> being from switzerland, we don't have all this gangsterism. i'm apt to believe people. i think i'm an honest man so it would be nice if other people would be, too. >> i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> michael finney, getting the job done. let's talk about the labor day weekend that is so important for
5:48 am
the forecast today. today and tomorrow people going out and hanging out outside. >> in the north "baywatch" out. visibility down it a quarter mile. even into concord this morning we are looking into fog. but as you head outside elsewhere it's clear from the sutra camera. the sun coming up in less than an hour. 6:41. setting at 7:37. we do have a warming and drying trend on the way, as our on shore flow weekends in some areas around the bay. low clouds and fog once again are clinging to the shoreline. but we are looking at them spilling over into the east bay. yesterday that marine layer all the way toward the delta at about 3,000 feet deep. and now it is compressed down to about 1,000 feet. that's why we are looking at the very dense fog along the shoreline, the north bay. and look at the cool temperatures. yes, kept comes and we are into the mid-40s for overnight lows
5:49 am
within a matter of a day or two. so big time cooling up to the north with 48 half more than bay. it's been some time since we've seen the 40s. 54 san jose, 57 in antioch. the win is pretty flat right now. we will be looking at the sea breeze kicking up throughout the afternoon. temperatures elsewhere around the bay, everyone is anywhere from a degree to about 8 degrees cooler across the bay except for antioch. so clouds and fog this morning. sunny and mild this afternoon. in fact, warmer for many locations at the coast. you will see more sunshine, temperatures still cool here. but we will be looking for the warmest day to be labor day this week. in fact, the next couple of place looking pretty summer like, but not as warm as we will see tomorrow. here's the look at what's going on in this area of low pressure. it's ting to weaken. this is what has brought the cooler than average temperatures the last couple days. finally on the way out and as it slides to the north and east of
5:50 am
us we have high pressure building back in and with that a slack inning of the winds and the marine layer really becomes more and more compressed, allowing for the warmer day today and tomorrow. in fact, with temperatures well into the 90s for labor day. so not bad to enjoy the last official holiday weekend of summer. 93 in fresno today. 69 along the coast. notice more 90s up to the north. so a warmup in the sacramento valley. we aren't going to see the delta breeze past sacramento. so warmer days to the east of us. warmer today by a couple of degrees in milbrae. starting out with the fog. 42nd annual art and wine festival. in the upper 60 assange today by 3:00, 4:00. in sausalito maybe cooler than milbrae but warmer than yesterday. a breeze around with mid-60s for you. across the bay, notice the spread. more like summer with 60s at our coast to the upper 80s around our inland valleys. 80 in san jose. that should feel pretty good.
5:51 am
down by the monterey bay you managed about 80 yesterday in morgan hill. warmer for you. the warmest day of the week will be tomorrow, the holiday. maybe a degree or two cooler tuesday and slight cooling during the week with more of an onshore push. looking pretty good. >> the greek festival i mentioned is actually in belmont. i don't know what i'm thinking about. now i correct it had and the greeks are okay with me. >> it's 70s there. >> fantastic. thank you for that. in select theaters this weekend is a new comedy called "sleepwalk with me." it's about a sleepwalker who does sandup comedy. here's don sanchez on the isle. >> hey, are you all ready? i can't hear you! it's my lip-sync joke. >> he wrote this film based on the one-man show he did on broadway. at times it seems way too real. he's trying to be a stand-up
5:52 am
comedian but he really isn't very funny. mike's girlfriend humors him. >> how long have you and i been together? >> eight years. >> i don't remember it being so long! it's ridiculous. >> his family wants them to get married but mike resists. >> i'm not going to get married until i'm sure nothing else good can happen in my life. say that on stage. >> so he starts making jokes about their relationship. it works. and he is driving hundreds of miles doing little shows. it's a struggle, a lonely, almost helpless life. >> if you are ever in a relationship that's moving toward marriage and you are not ready, don't go to my sister janet's wedding. >> putting a strain on the relationship. and mike has a real problem. he sleep walks and he has vivid, strange dreams. >> come to bed. >> how long has this sleepwalking thing been going on? >> the world of hook's character comes in for a shock when he jumps out of a second story window. it happened in real life.
5:53 am
the show has been a favorite at film festivals and now it's starting to get tracks nationwide. i see it as a tribute to people trying to make a living in stand-up, and it's not easy. also it deals with the issue of lack of sleep and a thoughtful look at relationships. "sleepwalk with me" kept me awake and i'll give it three quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. we will see you on the isle. >> coming up next, lots of people in a crabby mood. you won't believe how many pounds. crab are need today make the world's largest crab cake.%xcñáá
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $17 million super lotto plus drawing. 14, 17, 31, 42, 47 and the meganumber 13. i read them quickly because nobody got them all. wednesday night's jackpot therefore estimated at $18 million. did you wake up a little crabby this morning? we've got just the thing. a really big crab cake at the maryland state fair this weekend." 200 pounds of crabmeat were used in the attempt to create the world's largest crab cake. freshly picked crab was shipped in from maryland smith island. they added a few dozen eggs, breading and a special top secret seasoning mix. to hold it all together. the crowd waited at the cake, and when it came out of the pan
5:57 am
they were excited. it sold for a eight dollars donation to benefit the local 4h club. that's eight dollars a serving, of course. next, two more homes destroyed as the fire in mendocino fire burns through its second week. and the oakland police investigate another shooting as people take to the street demanding peace. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> this is abc7 news. >> in the news this sunday morning, praying to god that a firefighter might live. we will tell you about the vigil today in san jose. in oakland people are not asking for change, they are demanding, even as several more residents are gunned down on the streets of that city. good morni


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